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This is Nokia 8.1 Launched with Android One, Snapdragon 710

This is Nokia 8.1 Launched with Android One, Snapdragon 710

Nokia 8.1 Launched with Android One, Snapdragon 710 & Five Color Variants

Nokia 8.1

Here are the key specs:


A 6.18″ IPS LCD PureDisplay with HDR10 for its 1080×2244p resolution. A fine notch housing the selfie camera and a thin bezel.


Added with Adreno 616 GPU, 8.1 runs with Snapdragon 710, built on 10nm process. Octa-core with 2 cores of 2.2GHz and 6 cores with 1.7GHz speeds.


Primary and secondary rear cameras with 12MP(f/1.8 + 13MP featured with Zeiss optics. Selfie camera with 20MP(f/2.0). Cameras with HDR and HD recordings.


Runs on Android Pie 9.0 with no bloats. Attractive and clean due to customizable features of Stock Android build. Big thing – just like predecessors, Nokia 8.1 too is a part of Android One program too, so you know who’s the beneficiary.


Comes with 4GB + 64GB and ROM expandable upto 400GB with Micro SD option. Surprising to see HMD not producing a variant of 6GB even at such prices!


3500mAh battery with 18W charging supported by the Type-C method.

Connectivity and sensors include WiFi, VoLTE with fine 4G bands, Bluetooth 5.0, USB 2.0, A-GPS – GLONASS and NFC. Mounting the fingerprint on the rear, 8.1 comes with color variants like Blue/Silver, Steel/Copper, and Iron/Steel combos.

Price and Sale

Priced with €399! The Middle East is the first market to get it from now onwards. Sale to European goes from next year mid-January. 8.1, just like other Nokia(s) again not making into the US. Launching  on 10th December followed by sales in a few weeks.

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How to BT Notifier for smartwatch to smart phone 2018 Use Guide

How to BT Notifier for smartwatch to smart phone 2018 Use Guide

BT notifier for Smartwatch in this post. Everybody is now using a Smartwatch with their phone to receive notifications such as incoming calls, SMS, alarm, send and receive messages, and all that. So, let say, which app is your best BT notifier for smartwatch before or after you got your first smartwatch, say, DZ09, for an iPhone or Android phone.


How do you pick the best BT notifier for your smartphone for easy connection? Do you seek attention from a friend who uses a smartwatch with a Bluetooth notifier on their smartwatch to connect their smartwatch with their smartphone? Or do you just go to play store or Apple store to download the best BT notifier for Smartwatch and try various of them before you choose the best for your smartwatch?

Well, if you don’t know the best BT notifier for smartwatch you can use, don’t lose hope. I was once in the same shoe with you sometimes ago when I don’t know the best BT notifier to choose for my DZ09 Smartwatch. And that is why I am going to share the best BT for a smartwatch that covers a very long distance, at least 100 meters.

You know DZ09 is among the best Smartwatch that won’t cost you a fortune. So, if you have not gotten a DZ09 smartphone you should consider getting one today.

Firstly, let us take a look at What BT notifier is all about and what the app does.

What is BT Notifier?

A BT notifier is an app that functions as a medium to communicate between a smartwatch and a smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.

The BT notifier for a smartwatch, when connected with a smartphone, makes it easy to read messages, pick calls, see missed calls, make a phone call, and do all sort you can do on a smartphone on your smartwatch.

While they are various BT notifier app for smartwatches, the distance between the smartphone and the smartwatch to make Bluetooth connection active depends on the Smartphone manufacturer and the BT app features.

With Apple Smartwatch, you can keep a distance of more than a 100 meters and still make the connection between the two connected devices active.

How to Download App on my Smartwatch

In most cases, you don’t download BT notifier on smartwatches instead you download the notifier on your Smartphone and connect to your smartwatch when you enable the smartwatch Bluetooth. But you may have to scan the smartwatch barcode first, this is an example of DZ09 smartwatch when you want to connect the device with a BT notifier app.

However, they are a lot of apps to notify you on your smartwatch when connected to your smartphone. For instance, when you buy Apple device with an Apple smartwatch, you’d not necessarily need a third-party BT notifier.

Nevertheless, you can still use BT app notifier if you had an experience in the past. Some of the BT app notifiers are must use. Therefore, when you want to connect a smartwatch to a smartphone, perhaps a new smartphone without a built-in smartwatch notifier you’d need a BT app notifier.

Best BT Notifier for Smartwatch [Android]

Here are some of the best Bluetooth notifier apps for Android for a fast BT connection. All you need to do is download any of these BT notifier apps and follow the procedure in the next headline to connect the two smart devices.

Here is the list of the best BT notifier apps for Android

Bluetooth Notifier App

For M8 smartwatch owners, the Bluetooth Notifier app [APK] is not new to you again. However, the BT notifier is not found in the play store and Bluetooth notifier is not the same as the APK app [btnotification.apk]. However, this notifier offers a similar function for smartwatch when connected to a smartphone.

The BT notifier app has a feature to auto-enable when your smartphone is restarted, auto connect when set as a trusted device with your smartwatch, notify on Bluetooth disconnect, and other features.

Woo Partner

Woo partner BT notifier app is a cool app with prominent features like incoming calls notifications, message notifications, low battery notifications, and a whole lot of other features that can easily make your smartwatch to replace your smartphone.


Here is another BT Notifier app to connect smartwatch to smartphone and access all smartphone menu on a smartwatch. The BTNotification app offers a yet simple interface to save time with your smartphone.

With the BT ap,p you can receive and make calls on your smartphone, read and send messages, and manage your smartphone on smartwatch completely.

For the past few years, these are the BT notifier for smartwatch I have used on my Android phone to connect with my Smartwatch. And I am still using some of them.

How to Connect BT Notifier to a Smartwatch

Upon successful installation of BT notifier for smartwatch on your Smartphone, follow the steps below to connect your smartwatch to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Enable the Bluetooth connection on both the Smartwatch and Smartphone. Search for an available device on your smartphone or smartwatch Bluetooth and click on the name of your smartwatch if you have not changed the device name you should see the brand name and vice-versa. Enter the Bluetooth connection code and click on add.

After that, you will be able to access your mobile menu, read messages, make calls, send messages, and do exactly as you can do on your smartphone on your smartphone. However, the smartphone will disconnect from the smartwatch if either of the Bluetooth is disabled.

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Add Your Devices as a Trusted Device

When you add the smartwatch to your smartphone as a trusted device, the two devices will connect automatically when their Bluetooth is enabled without passing through the process to connect the two devices together.

How to Enable Trusted device on Android

Navigate back to your Smartphone Bluetooth settings, click on Smart Lock menu, tap Trusted devices and click on the name of the connected smartwatch. On the popup, click on add as a trusted device.

Install BT Notifier for Smartwatch DZ09

I currently own a DZ09 smartwatch and here I am going to show you how to simply connect the DZ09 smartwatch to your smartphone. The procedure works perfectly for M8 smartwatch if you own one.

Firstly, download and install QR and barcode scan app from play store. Scan the DZ09 barcode. Upon successful scanning, open the link and download any of the best BT notifier apps shared above. You can also download  Bt Notifier.apk.

Install the BT notifier app downloaded. And if it’s the Bt Notifier.apk, enable install from unknown sources on your device security settings and install the APK BT notifier app.

Once the installation is completed, follow this step topair BT not fire for smart phone.

Desktop Notification for Android

Let’s call this desktop notification for Android a bonus to this guide. The is a bit different from BT Notifier. With the Desktop notification for Android, you can start receiving Android notifications on your computer using an extension called Desktop notification for Android.

This is different from connecting your phone to your computer using a Bluetooth or USB cable or via Xender, Flash Share, ShareIt and other tools to transfer files from your phone to your computer. However, with this notification for Android, you will start receiving all incoming notification to your Android on your computer.

That is really great. To achieve this, follow the procedures below.

Open the Google play store app on your smartphone and download “desk stop notfcatin for android“. If you have this app installed already kindly skip this stepNow, launch Chrome browser and install the notfication plugin for Android notificationsNow, sign into your Google account on both devicesOnce that is done, all notifications on your smartphone will reflect on your PC.

This is by far the simplest way to use WhatsApp on your computer without installing whatsap web.

The desktop notification for Android is alternative to BT Notifier to recieving phone notifications on a PC without a complex settings.

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How to Download BT Notification for AndroidConect your phone with smart watch

How to Download BT Notification for AndroidConect your phone with smart watch

BT notification app offers a handy way to handle smartphones on smartwatches and on browsers when you don’t want to go everywhere in the house with your phone. Suppose you have an Android phone and a smartwatch, all incoming calls, messages, chats, beeps, and notifications can be monitored and checked on your smartwatch with Bluetooth notifications. You can also use the Desktop notification to receive Android notifications on your computer without using the Bluetooth connection.
Therefore, if you have a Bluetooth enabled smartwatch and a smartphone, like Android or iOS, and you want to link the two together to start receiving notifications on your smartwatches when it rings or receives messages, here is a simple guide for you.
For Android users, there are a hundredBT Notifier apps in the play store to download for Android users. They perform similar functions and make your phone smarter with a smartwatch. However, a DZ09 smartwatch, here are some popular BT Notifier apps to select from.
What is BT Notification App?
BT Notifier app is a mobile app for a smartphone to link a smartphone to a smartwatch using the Bluetooth in the two devices to be connected. If you have a smartwatch that allows you to receive and read notifications when connected to a phone, then, this feature shouldn’t be neglected.
You can download and install BT Notification on your phone to serve as a medium of connection between the phone and the smartwatch so that when the phone has a new notification and you ain’t with the phone while you are within the range of the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the watch you will be able to read and responds to whatever message or call or chat or notification on the phone from your smartwatch.
How to Connect Smartphone & Smartwatch with BT Notifier
I have shared my favorite BT Notification for Android (apps) for Android in the past. Follow this link to check them out and install your favorite. They all work the same way and the same procedure is required to make them work with your phone. So, whatever BT Notifier app you download this tutorial still works.
After you have successfully downloaded and installed the Bluetooth notification app on your phone enable your smartphone Bluetooth and launch the BT notifier app. Now, power on your smartwatch and go to settings to enable the smartwatch Bluetooth.
On your Android or iOS device, search for an available Bluetooth and select your smartwatch name from the searched result. Accept the popup notification on your smartwatch and click OK to pair the two devices.
Once paired, the Bluetooth notification icon will indicate the connection between the devices. Now, whenever there is an incoming information on your phone you will get a notification to inform you by a beep on your watch.
However, the disadvantage is that their distance is often less than 1KM. In fact, my past experience was a 100M which is still not bad. The BT notification app for Android relieves you the pressure of sticking to your phone 24/7.
Here is a recap…
Download BT Notification app on your AndroidEnable Bluetooth on your phone and smartwatchSearch for the available device on your phone and select the name of your smartwatchPair the two smart-deviceDone
Once this is done, you will be able to receive all your phone notifications on your smartwatch within a specific distance.
BT notification
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This is Free Calling App For Android Without Internet

This is Free Calling App For Android Without Internet


There are a lot of apps to make free calls on Android and iOS users to use to replace traditional means of calling. My favorite free calling app is WhatsApp. These voice and video call apps are almost countless with some amazing features. Some worth it while some don’t.

The only constant thing in life is change, and it’s what we are experiencing. Gone are the days when you need to walk a mile to landline calling center before you can make a call, but now you can make those calls right in your room with free calling apps for Smartphones with an internet connection for free.

And this is a jet-age where making phone calls over the internet is totally free or only cost a few dollar such as Skype calling feature. Although we’ve seen via the internet how to make call without internet and send text messages to love once when there is no internet connection just like the recent case of what sapp offline for iPhone.

To actually revamp your mind how possible it’s to make an absolutely free call using Android free calling apps, here is a post for you.

Note: This is a special post for our readers and we’ll be sharing the best free unlimited calling apps for Android today. If you have been around for a while using Android phone then, there is no going to be need to take a tutorial classes on  calls on android with the free calling app.

And note that the list of free calling app(s) you will get to know in this post to make unlimited free call without WiFi on your Android phone. We have had blissful experiences with a few of them while we are still using some.

And you may want to download at least one of the free calling apps that suits you and would serves you better to enjoy free unlimited calling on Android.

Free Calling Apps For Android Phone With an Internet Connection

If you do have a steady internet connection we have a good news for you on the best apps to make a free call on your device.

Below are the list of best free calling apps for Android with an internet connection to make calls for free without any subscription. Meanwhile, the free call apps could be used to call international number for both voice and video call.  Its support major OS such as  (iPhone), Windows and Android OS.

Check the list of best free calling Android apps…

1. Skype Free Calling App

Skype is the father of free calling Apps for Android, iOS and Windows phone to make both local and international phone call for free. Among internet phone call apps, Skype is one of the most popular and best used with voice and video call features to reach out to calling your friends and family all for free.

Skype free calling app for Android phone also have a paid subscription  for a unique international number nevertheless, the free Skype calling feature really worth it as best and most popular free calling Android apps for both international and local calls.

2. Whatsapp Free Calling App Features

It’s convincing enough that Whatsapp is now becoming one of the most widely used mobile chat app to meet and reach new friends directly on your smartphone. The Facebook child app has over time became one of the most used app on the internet with over billion users worldwide.

However, back in 2016 Whatsapp introduced a , only voice call in this wise for a beta Whatsapp users and invited some users to test run it before making it a public figure in the name of making free calls with Whatsapp.

After which both voice and video call were rolled out and today, whatsapp free calling feature is one of the most used smartphone features on whatsapp.

As it were, Whatsapp is yet another popular app to make a free international call with an internet connection and without paying a cent.

3. Goolge Hangout Free Calling App

Google is also in the game to ease people around the world with the best free calling app ever. This just like a close competitor to Skype but trust me, each of the apps has it own unique feature. Google hangout was first in for texting and chatting for free all alone before Google then introduced the calling feature.

The free Google hangout calling feature can be used to make a conference video call. And to make it easier, you can access Google hangout with your existing Gmail account without a problem.

Meanwhile, before you can use Google hangout to make a free call the person you are calling also need to have a Google hangout valid account and have the apps installed on second person’s smartphone with an internet connection.

4. Facebook Messenger Free Calling App

There is a possibility that you will stick to Facebook messenger for free voice and video call and preferred it over others. Reason being that it’s actually the most popular social network and it’s gradually becoming a search engine where you can search and meet people you long lost connection with.

. However, Facebook has played a successful role at introducing voice and video calling feature to the Facebook messenger to make a free call on your Android phone.

And since it requires both parties to have a valid Facebook account and Facebook messenger app installed on both device to established free call, then that may be the only limitation.

But in this ideal world, almost everyone are now using a smartphone that can make a free call without delay over the Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi but, an internet connection must be established with at least one of these free call apps.

5. Imo Free Calling App

Imo Android free calling app was my first Android app to make a free video call with a friend. And I do shared with you on . Meanwhile, if you are looking for an easy way to use Android apps to make free call with a weak internet connection, you may want to try Imo.

All you need to start making free call with Imo is just your mobile number as your username after which you are good to go to connect with fellow Imo users and start both voice and video call for free and without limitation.

Also, Imo calling app will auto populate to you list of friends that are currently on Imo so that you can connect with them so easily.

6. Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the few chat and video call apps in 2018. The simplicity of the Google Duo free calling app is making it a popular and WhatsApp contender. Although, you may not see people using it around in the eastern part of the country because people are used to WhatsApp.

However, the only thing you need to start making free calls on Google Duo is your mobile number and a simple registration. With the Google Duo, you can make both video and voice call over the internet.

Meanwhile, you cannot make a phone call from Google Duo to a mobile number, to be able to use Google Duo, the other person, must, as well installed Google Duo free calling app either on Android or on iOS.

7. Slack

Slack is a free calling app isn’t as popular as Facebook voice and video chat feature, WhatsApp, and even Google Duo. However, slack is yet another popular voice call app to make a free call on Android and iOS for both small-scale business owner to a large group of a company for free.

Although there is still a lot to fix with Slack, but, it’s one of the few free calling apps to make a free call on Android without a monthly or yearly subscription.

8. Text Now

Text now has been in the game for a long period of time. However, the text now app, is single-handedly built to chat and make voice calls. There is no registration fee or a special requirement to make a free call on text now.

Once you download and install text now, and your friends have text now app installed on their Android or iOS, you are good to go to make free voice calls over the internet and send an instant message via the mobile chat app.

What among these free apps is your Favorite Android free calling app to make both local and international call for free? Please share your own!


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How to Use Android Device Manager to Track a Stolen Phone

How to Use Android Device Manager to Track a Stolen Phone


Android device manager is Google app to manage all Smartphone with Android OS. So, here in this article, you will get to know the usefulness of Android device manager and why you should start using it today.

Do you know you can track a stolen phone on Android phone using Google’s Android device manager with the help of Google find my phone feature? If you don’t know that before now, I’m telling your emphatically that if you misplaced your phone or discovered it was in a wrong hand which could be a thief, you can easily use Google find my phone(also called Google’s Android device manager).

Although, find my phone is a special feature on Google search to find lost Android phone. It is not only for lost phone. The Google find my phone can be used to ring a stolen phone, lock a stolen phone, track stolen phone location, send a warning to the theft of your stolen phone, and a lot more.

Note: Later in this post we’d share with you how to use Google Android manager on your Android phone to secure your phone from being a victim in the future.

Let start with find my phone introduction directly on Google search engine. Open your browser and search for “where is my phone” on Google.

Note: You will get Android device manager location unavailable if your location was not enabled on your smartphone before misplaced or stolen. With that, you will not be able to track your location history.

You can also help a friend rings or recover a lost phone using Android device manager typing “find my phone”.

Note: With Google find my phone you can ring a stolen, find a missing phone, lock it, track it, and recover it.

When you are done reading this post you should be able to track and retrieve a stolen phone using the Google Android device manager history and track phone location history. Addendum, we will share Android device manager download for Android phone and set it up to ring your phone, recover your phone, and track location history.

How to Enable Android Device Manager on Android Phone

To effectively use Google find my phone called “Android device manager” you need to activate this feature on your smartphone. Following the steps below you will be able to activate Android phone manager on your phone to be able to use find my phone feature on Google else you have a limited chance to retrieve your Android phone if it got missing or stolen.

Note: You mus have a Gmail account and login to your Gmail account to use Google Android device manager.  If you don’t have a valid Gmail account create Gmail account the before proceeding.

However, we assumed that you have logged on Gmail account on your phone before it was stolen or misplaced if you want to continue with this article and make sure you can track your phone location history if misplaced or stolen. Else, you may not be able to track the missing phone again.

1. On your smartphone navigate to settings and click on security settings in the personal section

2. Scroll down and click on device administrator

3. Click on Android device manager from the options

4. Take a look to the right of your device and click on activate to activate Android device manager features on your phone.

Haven’t done this, you have successfully authorized Google manager to access your device and help to either erase your files, lock your device screen,  change device screen-unlock password etc. when you authorized it.

Note: Your device location will remain unavailable until you enable it. More so, it advisable to enable device location your device even before any suspicious activities otherwise you will not be able to track your device location history and it will remain unavailable.

How to Enable Location on Android to Enable Android Manager Location History

To successfully track a stolen phone using Google find my phone, and to identify the exact location of your phone you need to enable location feature on your Android phone. However, here is the simple way to make device location available on your smartphone.

1. Swipe down your Android from the top and click on the location icon

2. A pops up window will appear prompting you to allow Google to help find your location more quickly and accurately using Google’s location service. Click on agree to proceed.

Congratulations you have successfully enable location on your smartphone and Google now will be able to track your Android phone location if misplaced through Google Android device manager.

How to Track a Stolen Phone Using Google’s Android Device Manager

You need the following requirement to be able to track your lost Android phone with the help of Google Find my phone (Google’s Android Manager).

1. Your Android phone must be connected to at least one Gmail account

2. Your device must have internet access for Google’s device manager to be able to locate your device current location

3. You must allow Google’s ADM to access your phone as shared above.

The essence of these requirements is for you to be able to track your stolen phone or lost phone’s location without making a report to the law enforcement agency.

Since you have all the requirement in place, follow the procedure below to track your stolen phone using Google track my phone feature.

1. Visit Google’s find my phone page and login to your Android phone associated Gmail account

2. Google will take you to a page containing the current details of your smartphone. The current location, and the route to the location as well as last seen in the location.

The above map shows the exact description of where my phone is currently located and that makes it very easy for me to track down.

How to Use Google’s Android Device Manage to Play Sound on Stolen Android Phone

This is fun to me. Personally, I often use this to play a prank on my friends whenever they have my phone at their disposal and they failed to let me have it. All I need to do is just log into my Google account and start playing sounds without letting them know. However, not only that, I have used this method as well to find my phone most times most especially when I misplaced it.

This method is recommended first before you decided to erase your phone files completely when misplaced or thought it has fallen into a wrong hand. With that in mind, here you will learn first how to play sound on your Android phone with Google’s Android device manager in the available location.

1. Open your browser and visit Google find my phone URL

2. To the left of the page scroll down and click on play sound. Google will try to connect with your Android phone and start playing a sound once connected. In most cases, Google’s device Android manager plays your ringtone for 5 minutes.

3. The sound will continue for 5 minutes unless otherwise, you touched your device keyboard.

How to Lock Stolen Phone Using Android Device Manager

Here is another feature of Google find my phone. Firstly before you erase your files on your stolen Android phone, it advisable to try to lock the device and send a warning a message to the person who stole the phone.

1. Visit Google find my phone and log into your Gmail account with your Android phone associated account. Take a look the left of the page and click on lock.

2. Enter recovery message (preferably a warning message) and enter a recovery phone number (Preferably you friend or spouse number) and click on lock button.

3. If you follow the above steps correctly Google finds my phone will notify you that your phone has been successfully locked.

4. Instantly Google’s Android device manager will lock your phone and prompt the person stolen the phone to only call your number as the only way to use the phone.

Congratulations… You can now be assured that your phone theft would be forced to call your number and you will be able to track your phone unavailable location.

How to Erase Stolen Phone Files Using Android Device Manager

Although I don’t recommend you wipe your stolen phone instantly once you found out that it has fallen into a wrong hand. Take your time to search nook and cranny to see whether you can still gain access to it. In a more resilience way, first try to ring the lost phone to see whether it’s nearby, try to lock it for a while whether the person stole it would be forced to call and if nothing… Then you may need to format the stolen device using Google’s Android device manager and wipe off your entire files without leaving a trace of what you have on the device.

Here is the simple procedure to follow to erase your device when stolen with the help of Google find my phone feature.

1. Open your browser and visit Google find my phone page and click on erase to the left of the page.

2. Your device will be erased and restored to factory settings

This option will erase your files on your lost phone without leaving a trace. This is how powerful Android device manager can be with Gmail.

I Enable Location, Activate Google’s Android Device Manager, Logged in Gmail, Have Internet Access But Couldn’t Ring, Locate, Recover my Stolen Phone.

This is likely to happen when your phone really falls into a bad guys hand. Most especially when it’s a big phone and they can’t afford to let it go. You may not be able to regain a lost phone with Google’s Android device manager or find my phone to retrieve your stolen Android phone because of the following reasons.

1. The thief deactivated the Android device manager

2. If the person in charge of your phone changed the associated Gmail account you may not be able to access your device again.

3.  If the person isn’t an internet addict it may take a while to effect find my phone features because without internet access none of this can work. Except erase feature but this will only work if the associated Gmail is still active.

4. If the phone is been formatted before you decide what to do you may not have access to it.


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